Strengthen and tone buttocks and abdomen
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- Dr. Kaye Riolo, MD, FACS


Emsculpt lets you tone and define your abs, lift and firm your buttocks or tone your abdomen without a trip to the gym.

The world’s first non-invasive muscle toning treatment, EmSculpt triggers thousands of muscle contractions for a more toned appearance  – minus the sweat! Take your workout routine to the next level with Emsculpt.

Common Questions

This treatment electrically stimulates targeted areas of muscle to improve tone, strength, and firmness.

Results typically begin to appear in about 2 weeks following treatments. Most patients achieve lasting results for many years.

There are no known safety issues affecting Emsculpt patients.

When exercise won't help, there's Emsculpt

If you’re allergic to the ingredients of Emsculpt, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with us to develop a treatment plan that works for you.

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