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About FemTouch®

Regain vaginal control

FemTouch™ treatments provide a nonsurgical, low-invasive option for improving your vaginal health.

FemTouch treatment sessions can be completed in less time than a lunch break, with no anesthesia or specialized post-procedure care required.

FemTouch™ rejuvenates and remodels your vaginal mucosa using gentle laser beams that stimulate vaginal tissue regeneration. If you’d like to learn whether FemTouch is right for you, contact our office to schedule a consultation to learn more.


FemTouch can address vaginal, health-related conditions for women of all ages, from as young as 20, up to 70, or even 80, years old. It’s important to consult with your treatment provider regarding the treatment options available, based on your individual concerns and medical history.

The FemTouch™ treatment takes between 10-20 minutes to perform. The physician might want to perform a vaginal examination prior to the FemTouch treatment, which can extend the session by a few minutes.

According to some patient testimonials, an improvement can appear immediately after the treatment, however the vaginal mucosa changes following is a prolong process that can take 3-6 months and involves new fibers production and new vessels formation.


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