Remove tattoos and unwanted pigmentation
"In our consultations, we listen to your goals and desires and develop a treatment regimen to help you get the body and confidence you deserve."

- Dr. Kaye Riolo, MD, FACS


PiQo4® is a cutting-edge laser treatment that allows us to remove tattoos and other undesirable skin pigmentation. Contact us today to learn how we can help you look your best using this proven, FDA-approved treatment.

Common Questions

Using an highly advanced laser, we target the ink of the tattoo, and break the ink into microscopic pieces that are eliminated by your immune system.

The PiQo4™ is different from other treatments due to its superior picosecond laser beam, which allows for faster treatment sessions and a shorter time to see results. It also allows us to correct larger treatment areas for our patients.

Get a fresh start with clear skin

The latest in laser treatments for removing markings and pigmentation, PiQo4 uses treats a wider range of skin types in a faster amount of time than in other treatment solutions. Contact us today to learn more!

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