Laser Hair Removal

Sick of nicks and bumps?


Using laser hair removal to get rid of hair you don’t want is the best way to go! Oh, and this isn’t just for girls either. Guys can get in on the action too!


Sick of turning your skin into hamburger with razors? Don’t want to feel the burn of a wax? Try lasers – you won’t go back.

Common Questions

Your hair can come back if the laser treatment didn’t destroy all of your hair follicles. Since results can vary from person to person, we recommend doing follow-up treatments to keep your bare skin, well, bare.

After just 4 treatments, you’ll start seeing results. Usually, you can get up to 80% less hair growth in just 4 sessions! Neat, huh? Once you’re done with your laser treatments, be sure to follow up with followup sessions each year.

Imagine waking up in the morning and not having to shave. Picture yourself wearing that black strapless dress you’ve always wanted to wear, but haven’t because you hated shaving your legs or pits. Laser hair treatments give you the beautifully bare skin you’ve always wanted but hated to work for. Now, you tell us, are laser hair treatments worth it?

We use Splendor X™, a cutting-edge laser hair removal solution that combines two laser wavelengths simultaneously to attack deeper hair follicles and provide better results.

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