Laser Tattoo Removal in Fresno

Remove unwanted tattoos with our advanced and 100%-safe non-invasive laser tattoo removal. All done here in Fresno, CA.

"In our consultations, we listen to your goals and desires and develop a treatment regimen to help you get the body and confidence you deserve."
- Dr. Kaye Riolo, MD, FACS

About PiQo4

Tattoos don't have to be permanent

PiQo4 is one of the most advanced laser technologies available to medical spas. At Esteem Med Spa, we utilize the power of PiQo4 to remove unwanted pigmentation and tattoos.

Tattoo Removal Process

Our tattoo removal process starts with a free consultation (which you can schedule on this page). Meet with a care specialist here in our Fresno office to determine cost and the best treatment plan for your goals and desires.

Tattoo Removal Pricing

The cost of tattoo removal varies from person-to-person. To get an accurate estimate, please schedule or call for a consultation.

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Common Questions about Tattoo Removal in Fresno

Although the amount it will cost to remove a tattoo will vary from person to person, you will receive a customized quote during your free consultation. Factors include: tattoo size, area, age of person, and number of tattoos.

You can rest easy knowing that removing a tattoo isn’t as painful as getting the tattoo in the first place. Using cutting-edge lasers, the tattoo removal process is relatively pain-free.
While we cannot assure 100% clearing of tattoos, we do see this in many people. Variability is density and depth of ink used and how your body is able to absorb and remove the ink. The laser’s job is to break up the ink particles small enough for your body to do this effectively.
We provide complete tattoo removal for your entire body. Stop by our medical spa office here in Fresno for a free consultation.


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